Pregnant and In Power: The Doula’s Guide to Thriving in your Pregnancy

Course start date: Monday 3rd November.


Hi, I’m Lucy, and I built Pregnant and in Power: The Doula's Guide to Thriving in your Pregnancy, to help people like you navigate the information you need - and want, in order to thrive during your pregnancy.

a 3-week doula-led course dedicated entirely to pregnancy health and wellbeing.


Do you want flexible, affordable Doula support for pregnancy but not necessarily there at the birth?

If you always dreamed of a pregnancy feeling:

  • healthy

  • calm and rested

  • informed and supported

  • creative and powerful

…then this course is for you!

In this 3 week program, I’ve included everything you need to know, including:

  1. Learn how to manage anxiety

  2. A week-by-week guide to your baby's development and what this means for you

  3. Learn how to nourish yourself physically and mentally (not just with food)

  4. Figure out how to make a birth wishes document

  5. Learn what things you do and don't need in your birth bag

  6. Learn how to ease the common pregnancy ailments, naturally.

  7. How to build positive relationships with your caregivers

  8. How to make your own, self-empowered decisions about the next steps

  9. Clear up the common misconceptions, myths and untruths.

And more.

This course aims to be your wise and trusted e-Doula, holistically helping you and your baby to thrive. No advice, no agenda, just balanced, evidence-based guidance with some Doula wisdom, tips and treats thrown in.

At the end of the course you’ll feel nourished in body and mind and self-empowered to journey through this rite of passage in your Power.

Pregnant and In Power: The Doula's Guide to Thriving in Your Pregnancy

A Doula-led course dedicated entirely to pregnancy health and wellbeing.

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what to expect

Information is power, and so is tapping into what we already know.

We know a lot instinctively and inherently as women. But isn’t there such a lot of negative and conflicting stuff out there to throw us off during pregnancy and try take away our power?

Pregnancy can present you with some hefty obstacles to overcome, from fierce emotions, hormones in flux, a changing, aching body, burning questions, mounting anxieties, conflicting information and growing to-do lists which sometimes take away from the joyful, relaxing time it should be for you and your family.


When we move through pregnancy feeling confident that we know how to holistically take the best care of our bodies and our babies, we can happily prepare for the best birth experience possible for us.

course outline

MODULE 1: Your First Trimester


Finding out you are pregnant can be a joyful time, and sometimes it’s complicated. The majority of the time, it’s a big SECRET. In many other cultures round the world, pregnancy is celebrated early on. Imagine a society where it’s not taboo to talk about pregnancy before 12 weeks and the mother-to-be and her family are surrounded by loving support from week 1…or 5…or whenever you learn you are pregnant. We do things a little differently in the West…


Your first trimester is a big one for you and your baby, and it’s likely you’ll notice the lack of support during these first few weeks (when your body is exerting the same energy as climbing a small mountain when lying on the sofa). This course will hold your hand from peeing on the stick to your 12-week scan. From making your first GP/Midwife appointment to announcing your news to family and friends. We cover the biology, a very relaxed do’s and don’t with some early seeds of thought getting sown relating to your care team and decisions to come. The focus though, is on letting it sink in gently, tuning in to your body, aiding safe implantation and growth with lots of self-care, a yoga nidra download and some really practical self-help secrets to ease you through. And don’t worry I won’t make you spill the beans.


MODULE 2: Your Second Trimester


With some energy returning, it’s likely that some of your birth choices will be made in this part of your pregnancy. And it’s a time to blossom and bloom with some really great nutrition - so we talk a lot about food. It’s time to get information.

Screen Shot 2019-10-12 at 03.58.32.png

We’ll start some thinking about birth, from your core beliefs and experience of it so far, be it from the media, your mum or other relatives and friends. We unpick those ideas with the facts and you’ll be given an introduction to the basics of the ever-popular technique, hypnobirthing.

With a week-by-week lo-down of what’s happening physically for you and your baby, you’ll delve deeper into how to stay well through proper nutrition (not just food), featuring special guest expert Candice Ford who will talk you through how to nourish your body well during pregnancy.

After this module you’ll be on your way to re-framing how to feel about childbirth, feel more confident in creating your birth space, you’ll have arrived at some excellent questions for your midwife, be fully aware of your baby’s development and your changing body and you’ll be practicing hypnobirthing daily in preparation for a calm birth. You’ll also be confident with how to feed your body and your baby, from proper hydration to sourcing ingredients, food combinations, benefits, properties - knowledge that will take you through your fertile life, not just this pregnancy.

Downloads include a hypnobirthing script, my mini mantra deck and a birth wishes template. Candice will also add her presentation and bonus extras for you to download.


MODULE 3: Your Third Trimester

The juicy, ripening, opening, softening, trimester where the veil separating maiden to mother gets thin…

I walk you through the final preparations, emotionally, physically - as you near closer to meeting your baby. This means, creating your nest, stocking your freezer - even making childcare plans for other siblings. We cover it all. Following suit from modules 1 and 2 we delve into where your baby’s at developmentally and what you, goddess mother-to-be (even though you might not be feeling like it) may be going through. Importantly, module 3 includes ways to connect with your ‘village’, ensuring your experience of motherhood is rooted in community, I’ll guide you through making the beginnings of a feeding ‘wish list’ for when your baby arrives and a little light planning for your postpartum and that first 40 days. Last but not least - birth partners - listen in, we talk about how to be the best birth partner she needs.

Downloads to expect; a beaut of a recipe for decent labour snacks, a checklist for packing a birth bag / making a birth ‘pile’ and your birth partner’s labour timeline.

2016-02-05 11.38.19 1.jpg

the details

A 3-week online COURSE STARting 3rd November

Each week you’ll be given access to information, video content, pdf downloads, tips and tasks to do at home. You access this whenever you like, there is no time limit on completing each module and you can log in at ay time of day. One module will be released each week.

At the end of each module I’ll be available for an email or Whatsapp consultation (video or voice call) to ask any additional questions and talk to me about anything you feel you want to.

Early bird COURSE price:

£97.50 - (22% off)

After FRIDAY 18th october:



  • 3 modules, 1 per trimester with multiple topics

  • end of module exercises (I don’t like to call it homework but…)

  • 1 end of module 1:1 email / whatsapp consultation with me

  • video messages

  • 1x Yoga Nidra download

  • 1 x safe and intuitive Pregnancy Yoga video

  • Guest Nutrition expert (module 2) Candice Ford presenting about nourishing your body and soul during pregnancy

  • 1 x recipe booklet (meals, teas and smoothies)

  • 1 x Herbs for Pregnancy booklet (with recipes and guidance on easy DIY balms, tinctures and creams.)

  • up-to-date signposting

  • checklist for packing your ‘birth bag’ or pile

  • 1 x essential oils for pregnancy cheat sheet

  • 1 x ‘Partner'‘s Labour Timeline’ detailing what you’re likely to experience at each stage (and what not to say)

  • 1 x beautifully designed Mini Mantra Deck

  • 1 x birth wishes template.

why this course?

This course is Doula-led, which means:


  • share factual information

  • share evidence-based practice

  • share tried and tested recipes and remedies

  • cover ALL the trimesters, from the very beginning

  • include pregnancy anxiety including pregnancy after miscarriage or an IVF journey

  • share signposts for further reading

  • encourage self exploration and investigation

  • suggest tasks to guide you to your own intuition

  • use positive language about pregnancy

  • encourage an honest and open relationship with your birth team.

it will NOT:

  • dish out advice

  • steer you towards any particular path

  • tell you there's a right or wrong way

  • skim past weeks 0-12

  • tell you you’re just like every other pregnant woman

  • endorse any products

  • make you feel like you need to spend a fortune on baby 'stuff'

  • tell you pregnancy is easy, OR horrific

  • tell you to make a birth plan

  • try to substitute any services your midwife/birth team will give you.

who am I?

Me just after a birth and 48 hours without sleep.

Me just after a birth and 48 hours without sleep.

I’m Lucy Leonard, Birth (and Postnatal) Doula, Breastfeeding Supporter, Counsellor in training and Yoga guide for women. I am a mother of two little boys and a passionate advocate of mindful pregnancy, female health and holistic wellbeing, childbirth education and helping women to achieve their infant feeding goals.

I remember the moment where I was told, Midwifery meant being good at science and maths, and because I’m a creative, an artist, a writer, I didn’t fit the bill. So I graduated in English and lived and worked in London as a writer for the Charity sector throughout my 20s. One particular charity offered yoga as a therapy for children with special needs and it awakened me to yoga, the way many people don’t experience. Next came further training to specialise in pregnancy and postnatal yoga with Uma Dinsmore Tuli. Working with women throughout their pregnancy and then often preparing for birth became my life’s total joy and in my personal life I studied intensely to further my knowledge. Often I would be asked to attend births of my students, an incredible honour. The relationships I was building, the investment, the total trust and openness - the continuity of love and care for her story and physical wellbeing - and then I realised.

I was never meant to be a Midwife. I am a Doula.

When I became a mother, everything changed, as it often does. I answered the call and trained with Developing Doulas in Cambridge - and I’ve been so fortunate to have been working continuously with women and families ever since, in the UK and abroad.

Last year my own family and I moved to Thailand. My husband teaches in an International School and I am raising my little boys, furthering my studies in Breastfeeding support and offering birth education classes to the expat community. I designed this online course as a way to amalgamate the very best of what I know, what I’ve learned, what I love, what my clients have appreciated the most, what has made the most impact on positive births. I’ve created a journey for you to walk, with me by your side.

Every woman deserves access to the support she needs to have a positive birth experience and an empowered transition into motherhood.


“Seeing Lucy regularly was lovely because we got to know her better, hear her encouragement and feel excited about the birth. She was also always available via text/Whatsapp so it was great to know I had a friend I could reach out to 24/7 if needed re: emergencies or questions, etc. Lucy has a warm, enthusiastic and bubbly personality which is incredibly helpful for anxious mums. She is always available via text/email/phone and has access to great research and information, and follows up with articles, facts, etc. I could not have asked for a better doula experience!”

— Birth client, December 2016

“Thank you so much for being such a huge part of my pregnancy journey and transition into motherhood. You have been such a huge inspiration to me these past months and I know I will always look up to you forever! We are so grateful to have had you at the birth with us, your quiet presence was exactly what we needed, warm and strong, loving, soft and supportive. You’ve been so invaluable with all the information, research, guidance and follow up both before and after birth, we would have been so overwhelmed trying to do it all ourselves. I could not have asked for better support from a doula and wish you will be there for my next one already! ”

Birth client, December 2016.

“Lucy has been a fantastic guide. Being in another country (Thailand) and away from the ‘normal’ delivery options in England, we were apprehensive about what our next steps and pregnancy would be like. Fortunately for us, Lucy had done a lot of research into the different customs and options which are available. She put our minds at rest and we spoke at length about both pregnancy and child birth. Lucy lent us various reading materials which helped secure our knowledge and it really made us feel as though we were making informed decisions. I now feel like I am prepared, relaxed and excited about going into labour!Thank you so much Lucy! ”

— Katie Spark, Prenatal client
“My husband and I met with Lucy to talk about all things pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. She was both a great listener and a superb teacher. We always came away from each meeting feeling more informed about our options. She helped us to better communicate our feelings and plans with one another as a couple and made us aware of our own expectations and ideas about bringing a new human into the world!”

— Amy Silaphot, March to May 2019, Antenatal Birth Classes.
During Labour Lucy was great and had a good balance of knowing when we needed support or when to sit back and not be in your face. Knowing she was there in the room gave a feeling of reassurance to both mother and father-to-be, especially when bombarded with all the technical jargon the doctors and nurses use.

Lucy is a lovely person that adapts very easily to any situation. Her knowledge and kindness helped us a lot
to understand the whole birth process and to make sure that we would have a great experience.
We have had an amazing experience thanks to her and even managed to laugh and joke during labour! We
can’t recommend her highly enough.
— Birth client, May 2017

If you would like to join this course, I’ll do my very best to ensure you thrive in your pregnancy, and step into your power.