Pregnancy Yoga

In India it’s said that the Mother is baby’s first guru.

When we practice Yoga during pregnancy it is a selfless act of love for her womb-side baby and her family. Working towards transforming herself into a harmonious presence and vessel for new life, it’s the highest form of yoga - it’s Karma Yoga.

Much of what we practice together in my pregnancy yoga classes is about intention (Sankalpa) and breathwork. In Ayurveda (the Indian medical system and sister science to Yoga) and in Chinese medicine, there is the concept of the heart-womb channel. This is an energetic connection between the mother’s heart and her womb. It’s said to exist during pregnancy so the mother can nourish her baby in the womb with the energy of her loving heart.

Why practice Yoga during pregnancy?

Into my will
Let there pour strength
Into my feeling
Let there flow warmth Into my thinking Let there shine light,
That I may nurture this child
With enlightened purpose,
Caring with heart’s love
And bringing wisdom
Into all things
From boundless cosmic regions
From sounding starry spaces
Our child has sought and found us
We welcome him to earth.
— Found in The Incarnating Child, by Joan Salter
  • to keep the body supple without straining

  • to boost energy

  • to relieve stress and anxiety

  • to promote better relaxation and restful sleep

  • can be used to relieve pain in labour and childbirth

  • can relieve common minor ailments during pregnancy e.g constipation, heartburn, swollen joints

  • can help us to bond with our unborn baby through breathing and visualisation techniques.


*Currently offering 1:1 home tuition only

(Yoga is a free optional extra when you book me for any of my Doula packages.)