Mummy and Baby Yoga

Postnatal (Mummy and Baby) Yoga

1:1 private classes in the privacy and comfort of your home

You've just had a baby. Your body has changed irrevocably, for the better. You're milky and possibly quite tired. And you have a warm bundle attached to you all the time. What better time to do some nourishing, realigning, replenishing yoga?!

Postnatal Yoga can help to: 

  • Heal physically and emotionally

  • Re-align the spine, hips & stablise the pelvis

  • Restore vitality/boost energy

  • Tone & re-strengthen the abdominal & pelvic floor muscles

  • Ease stiffness in the shoulders & upper back

  • Create a safe environment to bond with your baby

  • Improve digestion and relief for babies

  • Settle your baby and improve sleep patterns

  • Enhance the bonding and communication with your baby

  • Feel more confident in handling your baby.

Please do check with your doctor or midwife before starting any exercise.

Here are the general guidelines:

  • Mothers recovering from Caesarean delivery should wait at least 10 weeks

  • Mothers that are recovering from vaginal birth should wait 6 weeks.

Classes are fun, gentle of course and a place where you can start up your practice again - or even begin a new one altogether. 

No previous experience is required. 

Please bring any ‘baby bits’ you think you may need, i.e. for feeding/changing, etc.

Currently offering 1:1 classes in your home or hire me to run a session for you and friends.