Breastfeeding services



Every woman has the ability to breastfeed. Whether she has has breast surgery, has tiny glandular tissue, had a traumatic birth and separation from her baby from the off, she will have some milk. I feel passionately that if a mother wants to breastfeed, she should have the support to do so, and if not, I respect that too. Her breasts, her informed choice.


I firmly believe that we can go some way to preparing for a smooth breastfeeding journey. This preparation includes, planning your support. It means educating yourself and your partner (even the grandparents) about how breastfeeding works in relation to the way you want it to be for your family. Because feeding choices are so intricately linked to sleeping choices, carrying choices and general parenting choices. It means knowing where your local Milk Spots/Breastfeeding Cafes are, pinning the number of a Lactation Consultant or Breastfeeding Counsellor to your fridge and finding some Mother Supporters to call on if and when you need them.


Of course, there’s only so much planning during pregnancy you can do and when your baby is in your arms and at your breast, she will have some say in how it all goes - much like birth. This is why the majority of my Breastfeeding Support is postnatal with you and your baby. I observe you feeding and offer adjustments to positioning, attachment/latch, talk to you about your baby’s feeding rhythms, your birth if appropriate, I’ll suggest ancient home remedies and tips and tricks to sooth sore nipples in those early days and offer fact-based information on how breastfeeding works - to prevent bigger obstacles in your journey. I’ll signpost to further support if necessary and assist in any way I can so you achieve your feeding goals - whatever they might be.

*For now, my Breastfeeding support is FREE .

** ABM mother supporters and breastfeeding counsellors do not give medical advice or ‘advice’ of any kind. I will never advise you on what you should do - this is not my role. What I will do is give you support (from one breastfeeding mother to another) and give accurate information about breastfeeding to you and your family, health professionals, students and the public. I will actively listen to each breastfeeding mother's experiences and worries and give you the extra support and breastfeeding information you need to enable you to make an informed choice of what to do.

***As a member of the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers I am required to abide by the terms of the WHO International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk

Substitutes and related subsequent WHA resolutions in all my activities. The code can be found here.