Recipe for Bliss Balls

Bliss Balls, Protein Bites, Energy Bombs…ok I made that last one up, but whatever you want to call them, they’re easy to make, delicious and vegan, refined sugar free and dairy free (vg). Plus they’re perfect toddler snacks.

2018-10-10 08.13.52 1.jpg


Flaked Almonds


Chia seeds

Ground cinnamon

Medjool dates

Desicated coconut

Add everything to a food processor and whizz up until it basically goes into a well mixed blob. Then roll into balls using your hands. Bingo.

Really you can sub a lot of these ingredients. You just need a sticky sweet one, a nut, add a flavour like cinnamon or some cacao if you like and something to roll them in. You can use regular dates if you can’t get medjool but if you can find medjool they are bigger, more moist and taste like caramel so I highly recommend. You can also roll your balls in chia seeds, mashed up nuts, oats, whatever you fancy. I like the desicated coconut, because, all things coconut, and it looks pretty.

You could also try adding frozen fruit like raspberries? OR why not try melting some dark chocolate with coconut oil and coating them for an extra special treat. Or serve with fresh fruit like in these ones I made below?

Vegan, cruelty-free, wholefood goodness. ENJOY!