Our next adventure: Goodbye London

You may have seen a post in my feed about some exciting news, so now that we've told our family and friends personally (not to mention breaking the news to River's grandparents) I can spill it:

We are moving to Thailand!


We will be leaving London and the East Dulwich apartment that we've become a family in, and relocating to Hua Hin in Thailand in August.

Fabian will be working in a fantastic school, a school he has totally fallen in love with already, and I will be raising River and my 3-month-old. And in no way am I ashamed, guilty or hesitant to say that. Mamalina I'm with you on this!

I will also be documenting this huge adventure on my blog, (I really want to attempt to start making some cool videos....I'm a bit of a beginner in this area so any help welcome!) teaching yoga (maybe even at Fabian's school) offering my birth Doula services locally, learning about birth and maternity services in Thailand and potentially assisting on an exciting yoga retreat in the town we are moving to. But mainly and most importantly, I'll be mum-ing on the beach.

These photos above are from our Easter 2017 visit to Railay beach, Krabi. 

This is something Fabian has wanted for his teaching career for many years and me, well I'm drawn to the East like a moth to a flame. I know it will bring us a lot of joy to see our babies barefoot and bronzed for the next few years before we start thinking about schools for River, and then, who knows.

Right now adventure is calling us. Our years of London life (13 for me and 34 for Fabian) are over for now and we are so ready for the change.

It won't all be smooth sailing I'm sure. I've got an incredible tribe around me in SE London, my mama friends have transformed my life, my community, my family and extended family - GAH, I'll miss everyone immensely. But we know this is right, everyone has been 100% behind us everyone is already planning their first visit!

So whilst there's so much more to share, for now I'll leave it here. Rest assured I'll be back regularly because, with this new chapter in our lives plus being VERY pregnant and full of love, I'm overflowing with creative inspiration. I feel like I want to personally thank and hug every single person who has featured in our London lives these past four years and invite you to pack your shades and swimmers for a Thai getaway with us sometime soon!