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Incoming Doula

Incoming Doula


I’m packing my Doula Bag and heading home.

It's my privilege to be a Doula and walk the path of pregnancy and birth by your side. I miss it so much, the connection, the learning, the heart to heart service and the joy, so much mind-altering joy. So. I'm planning two trips home to the UK, one in March and one in UK Summer June until August. I have some personal matters to be there for, but importantly, I feel compelled to offer my Doula services while I am home and have the support of my family to do so.

So I have two potential openings for two mothers-to-be. If you are pregnant and expecting your baby sometime in March OR June/July in the South Bucks, Berkshire or West London area and would like a Doula, or feel you'd like some additional support through your pregnancy and birth but don't really know what a Doula is or how I could help you, please do get in touch because, it all begins, with a cup of chai and a chat! A big long chat.

Depending on your wishes, we will...

  •  'meet' via telephone or Skype sometime that's convenient for you, then we chat about everything and anything you'd like to regarding your knowledge of doulas, pregnancy, birth and how you'd like it all to go for you - importantly how you see me supporting you. 

  •  If we feel mutually that we are a good match for each other, beautiful, I'm yours from that day forth until 4 weeks after your baby is born. That's it. I'm invested and committed to supporting you to have the most positive experience you can. 

  •  Depending on your baby's estimated arrival date, we will do 2 x prenatal sessions via Skype. I help you and your partner to write your birth wishes. You'll ask all your questions and I'll signpost to information you need to make decisions you're happy with. Together we unpick any fears or anxieties about birth and prepare you for a positive and joyful experience. This ranges from logistical, practical, emotional plans and physically planning. It should be a time of serenity, calm excitement and bliss so I'll aim to protect you from any negativity out there surrounding pregnancy and birth and always always guide you in the direction of the evidence. 

  •  You can contact me at any time in between these sessions and anytime at all really throughout your pregnancy. Sometimes navigating contradictory information, all the books and all the advice can feel overwhelming so I am your non-judgemental, unbiased and loving supporter who can guide you through the maze and help you and your partner to make the informed decisions you need to prepare for your birth. Your baby, your way, your birth. 

  •  I'll fly in to go-on call for you from the moment I land until your baby is born. 

  • I’ll stay with you and help you establish your first breastfeed, settle you in and step away to leave you all to it when the moment is right.

 The rest we design together. 

Read more about our time together and a little about me if you want.

It's important that you know I have no agenda or preferences as to how you give birth or your choices during your pregnancy. As your doula I want what you want. It's my role to give you all the information, present your options and empower you to have the experience you want, as far as you can. 

I can't wait to hear from you. I'm filled with gratitude and happiness that soon you'll be welcoming your baby and I hope I can be a positive part of that for you. 

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